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NOS Nieuws


Non-metric units widely used in Europe that have no use whatsoever

and their most feasible alternative using the international system.

Physical quantityEvil unitEvil unit in metric unitsAlternative S.I. unitS.I. example
typeface point sizepoint, pt2.54/72 cm = 0.352 77 mmmmBooks are typeset with a font size of 3.5 mm. Letters have a larger font. These typically use 4.0 mm point size.
printer resolutiondpi1/(2.54 cm)
600 dpi ⇄ 42.3 μm
μmThe 40 nm node in the computer chip industry uses printers more than a 1000 times more accurate than a typical 42 μm resolution desktop printer.
screen diagonal, bicycle wheelsinch, in, ”2.54 cmcmBike wheels come in three sizes, 60 cm, 65 cm and 70 cm.
amount of oilbarrel, bl158.987 295 llCrude oil currently costs € 0.55 per liter.
massDutch pound500 gkg
gold puritycarat, ct1/24unitlessMy wedding ring is 67% pure gold. Sterling silver has a minimum purity by mass of 925‰.
diamond masscarat, ct0.2 ggThe huge Golden jubilee diamond weighs over 100 g.
heart beat, engine revbpm1/(60 s)
120 bpm ⇄ 2 Hz
HzWhen revving up to 80 Hz, the engine makes whining sound.
When calm, humans have a heartbeat of 1 Hz. This can increase to 3 Hz under stress.
blood pressuretorr,
standard mm Hg
≈ 133.322 PakPa17/12 kPa is the upper limit for safe blood pressure.
fibre densityden, denierg/(9000 m)
900 den ⇄ 100 tex
tex (mg/m)Compare our superior Korean made 1210 dtex fabric to other boats 1100 dtex fabric.
speedkm/h, kph1/3.6 m/s
≈ 0.277 77 m/s
m/sMy granny walks 1 m/s, Lance does 10 m/s without dope and the fastest train can do a 100 meter per second.
speed on waterknot1 852/3.6 m/s
≈ 0.514 44 m/s
m/sIn water 10 cm deep, waves travel at 1 m/s. Emma Maersk does about 13 m/s.
wind speedbeaufort (bf)v(m/s) = 0.836 v(bf)3/2m/sIn a storm, wind speed can reach 30 m/s.
air pressurestandard atmosphere (atm)1012 hPambar, hPaAir pressure at sea level ranges from 870 to 1083 hPa.
break engine powerhorsepower (hp)735 - 746 WkWMy car has 80 kW power, of which 3 kW is used by the airco and 400 W by the stereo.
food intakekcal/day49 mWWAn adult female with a normal body weight requires approximately 100 W food to maintain her weight. That is less than 10 MJ daily.
electrical energykWh3.6 MJMJ